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Yogadhyan Badri Temple, Badrinath

Yogadhyan temple which is also known as Yoga Temple is one of the Holy Sapta Badris. This Temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and an idol of Lord Vishnu’s meditative posture is worshiped in this Temple. The Temple is an abode of Utsava Murti (festive image) of Lord Kuber and Lord Udhava in winters. ‘Devwar’ is an important festival celebrated in this temple when the deity of Kuber and Udhava leaves for Badrinath when the temple is opened. Other festival is celebrated on the day when these two deities are brought to the temple in winters. 

It is believed that the father of Pandavas, king Pandu meditated at this site so that lord Vishnu cleanses him of the sin of killing two mating deers. The Pandavas were born at the same sight and Pandu also died at the same place. It is said that King Pandu installed the idol of Lord Vishnu in Yogadhya Badri Temple.

How to Reach

The temple can be reached by a bus or shared taxi from Joshimath. One can also visit here by own vehicle.