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Wilson Cottage, Harsil

Wilson Cottage is located in Harsil and is a huge mansion which was made by E. Wilson in 1864. Wilson Cottage is now converted to Forest Guest House in Harsil.

E. Wilson who was popularly known as “Pahari Wilson” by the locals who was a deserterfrom the British army after 1857. When the king refused to give him shelter, he moved to Harsil without informing the king. It is said that the revenue of the king of Tehri went up ten times at that time. he introduced the villagers to the apple cultivation and also built a suspension bridge over Jadganga for local people. Although the bridge is no longer but the traces of it still remain.

E. Wilson fell in love with a local Garhwali girl named Gulabi who was from the village Mukhba. They had three sons and their tales were famous in Harsil. He built a house for his village in Harsil. One can still find some old photographs of Wilson and his Gulabi in the cottage.  

How to Reach

Wilson Cottage is located in the main village of Harsil.