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Tungnath Temple (Trek), Chopta

Tungnath is situated at an elevation of 3,680 metres above the water mark. Tungnath is one of the five Panch Kedar Temples located in Uttarakhand and is the highest among all five of them. The Tungnath Temple form the Mandakini and Alaknanda river Valleys. It is the highest Hindu Shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva. Tungnath is located at a trekking distance of 4 kilometres from Chopta. 

Tungnath Temple is an important place not only for devotees but also for trekkers and nature enthusiasts in the country. The temple is visited by a large number of trekkers and devotees every year. The priest at the temple is a local Brahmin unlike the priests in other Kedar temples who are from South India. The temple is closed in the winters as there is heavy snowfall and the main Deity is moved to Mukkumath which is at a distance of 19 kilometres from here. Although the temple is closed in winters but trekkers find it adventurous to trek to Tungnath and Chandrashila in winters.

According to the Legends when Pandavas were searching for Lord Shiva to seek apologies to him Shiva took a form of bulls and the five Kedar Temples were rematerialized in the form of five body parts of the bulls body who was Lord Shiva in disguise. Hence, Tungnath is identified as the place where the Bahu or the hands were seen. 


Tunganath Trek Iternary:
The trek to Tungnath temple is an easy to moderate trek. It is easy in summers while moderate in winters due to the snowfall on the way. One has to reach Chopta to start the trek to Tungnath. Spending a night at Chopta one can start early morning for the trek.
Day 1: Starting from Chopta one has to walk a distance of 2 kilometres first reaching Sari village and then finally reaching Deori Tal which is a beautiful lake which falls on the way. One can do camping and spend a night under the stars in Deori Tal and start the trek to Tungnath temple the next day, One can also start the same day if they want to (optional).
Day 2: The next day a trek of 2 kilometres will take you to the Tungnath Temple. The rhododendron flowers on the way specially in the months of April are a kind of warm welcome for you on the way. One can also spot some of the beautiful birds on the way. After reaching Tungnath Temple one can seek blessings and camp overnight to admire the beauty of the place. One can also return back the same day from Deori Tal to Sari village and then to Chopta if one wants (optional).
Day 3: Taking the same route one can reach back to Chopta and taking a rest for a day or on the same day can return back to the desired destination. 

How to Reach

Tungnath can be reached by a trekking distance of 4 kilometres from Chopta while Deori Tal falls on the way from Chopta to Tungnath. Chopta can be reached by shared jeep from all the neighbouring towns.