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Tribal Village Museum, Munsiyari

The tribal village museum is located close to Munsyari, hardly 2km. The meuseum is maintained by Dr Pangtey, who feared that the Bhotiya culture will be forgotten and he made a personal effort to door to door in the villager's house to collect the traditional items. The reason for his fear was that with the changing times the Bhotiyas were adopting Kumaoni Hindu culture. 

The museum consists of ornaments, utensils, musical instruments, vessels and even the spinning wheel. For the ease of visitors, Dr Pangtey has arranged for an audio CD to be played to help visitors know more about the Bhotiya culture and his collection. For the visitors, there is an option to buy the CDs, photographs and even shawls and caps from the museum. 

Museum is also called Massab’s museum. 

How to Reach

Museum is located in Nanasen village. Museum can be reached by walk from Munsiyari.