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Tiger Falls, Chakrata

Tiger Falls is located at a distance of 27.1 kilometres from the city center. The 50 metres high waterfalls can also be reached by a 5 kilometres trekking distance through the forests from Chakrata. It is a 1 kilometres downhill trek from road. The place is situated at an elevation of 1395 metres above the sea level.

Tiger Falls is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the town of Chakrata. Tiger Falls is considered as the highest direct waterfall in India. The entry to this waterfall is free and the place is usually less crowded and hence one can find peace in the lap of nature. The water from the fall gets collected in a small pond where visitors can enjoy splashing in the water.
The best time to visit here is in summers or after the monsoon when the fall can be seen in its full glory. People who choose to trek 5 kilometres to reach Tiger Falls can see the glory of nature in the form of Rhododendron and Oak trees on the way and the path is full of natural beauty. It is suggested to carry food and water as there are no shops in the nearby area.

How to Reach

One has to hire a taxi and then trek a distance of 1 kilometre as public transport is not accessible in the area or one can also trek a distance of 5 kilometres from Chakrata.