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Shantikunj, Haridwar

Shantikunj is also known as Shantikunj Gayatri Parivar and as the name suggests is a social and spiritual center which is one of the most important places in the city of Haridwar. The place is also a residential area where hundreds of people live and gain spiritual benefits from the excellent people in the premises. The place is an ideal location for marriages and other religious practices which are performed here with a lesser crowd giving more importance to the religious part. Shantikunj is established in the guidance of Rishi satta and the place is heaven for religious seekers about 1000 people take part in Gayatri Yagya every day.
Shantikunj is a place which is a center of movement called Yug Nirman Yojna and the principles and practices followed at the place are unique and of moral-spiritual regeneration. The place also has a large canteen inside where the food is sold at a relatively very cheap rate from the market. 8-10 marriages take place at the mandaps which are close to each other and one can see the traditional Indian wedding done in the most religious manner at the place. There are also a number of temples inside Shantikunj.
Shantikunj was established by Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya in the year 1971. At that time it was started in a small piece of land which was later spread in a large area known as Gayatri Nagar. A new campus was added in the year 1998 and in the year 2000 on the completion of 12 years a Mahayajna was organised here which was attended by 4 million devotees which was the most remarkable occasion in the History of Shantikunj.

How to Reach

A shared auto or bus can take you to the place in a very economical rate and then after spending a day at the place you can return back using the same convenience.