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Satopanth Lake, Badrinath

Satopanth Lake is one of the major attractions near the holy town of Badrinath. The trek to the lake is moderately difficult as there are the steep slopes that one has to walk through. An itinerary can be built for 4-5 days from Badrinath where one can break the way in Lakshmi Van the first day, Chakratirtha the second day and 5 kilometres trek from Chakratirtha takes us to the green  pea coloured Satopanth Lake where one can stay overnight in the camps or return the same day.
 Further up from satopanth is Swagarohini which is known as “The Gate of Heaven”. We can pay respect to Swargarohini and return back to our camp site at Satopanth. The trek back to Badrinath can be done the same way by breaking the way in Lakshmi Van and Chakratirtha. The trek is a major attraction for trekkers all over the country and is also visited by some devotees  due to religious importance.
The Satopanth Lake is known for its religious significance as well as the beautiful landscape. The trail to the Lake has immense natural beauty in the form of snow capped peaks, hills covered with Oak and Pine trees,  Alaknanda River and the Vasudhara Falls. Vasudhara Fall is another major attraction of Badrinath. The lake is hidden amidst the most impressive ranges of the Garhwal region which has many hidden treasures on the way. The peace and tranquillity of the lake will leave you spell bound by the beauty.    
It is suggested to carry all the essentials of camping and trekking to visit the lake. It is god to take along a guide to reach the destination. Provisions of food, water and other basic necessities must be done beforehand. People who are early trekkers should avoid starting trekking from this location as the trek is the best for Hardcore Trekkers.  

According to the Legends Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma meditated in the three corners of the lake. It is believed that during every Ekadashi or on the 11th day of the solar and lunar eclipses, the three Lords take a holy dip in the water of this lake and this is the reason the Lake is visited by a number of devotees to take a holy dip in Ekadashi which is considered as a very auspicious day. It is also believed that there are some rare birds found near the Lake which pick up pollutants from the lake and these birds are believed to be the Gandharvas perdue, which guards the lake against evil. 
It is believed that Narayan once kept his Sudarshan Chakra on the valley and due to its weight the valley or the place called Chakratirtha got its round shape meadow surrounding the mountains. This is from where Chakratirtha got its name. It is also believed that Pandavas trekked this route to reach Swarg (Heaven).

How to Reach

One has to trek a total distance of 22 kilometres from Badrinath to reach the Satopanth Lake.