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Sahastradhara, DehraDun

The meaning of the word Sahastardhara means “A thousand fold springs” which got its name as earlier there were a number of water outlets that together formed a spring but now it is modified into one spring. Sahastradhara has various other attractions than the sulphur water spring including a ropeway which reaches to a hilltop giving an amazing view of the surrounding places. The spring in the place is considered important and of medicinal value which is believed to cure skin problems.

There is also a small water park named Joy Land where families or friends can go and enjoy the various rides. There are a number of hotels and resorts in the nearby area which provides an option to the tourists who wish to spend a night in this natural site. Sahastradhara is the largest waterfall in the city of Dehradun. The ropeway in the place reaches out to a hill which also has a small park in it where tourists can sit and enjoy the view.

How to Reach

One can book a cab or a taxi to the place but if searching for economical alternatives, public transport is the best option. A city bus can take you from Dehradun bus stand to the place at a very economical rate.