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Pithoragarh Fort, Pithoragarh

A beautiful fort located in the outskirts of Pithoragarh town on a hilltop, built by Gorkhas in 18th century.

The fort is also called Gorkha Killa (Fort in hindi is Killa). The fort offers great insights of traditions and cultutre of Kumaon region. Since the fort is located on the hilltop, it offers beautiful view of Pithoragarh town. The fort has high walls as long as 88.5 meters, and has holes in the walls due to artillery exchange in the history. 

Historically after overpowering Kumaon in 1815, the britih officer renamed the fort to London Fort. The fort has detiorated a lot due to negligence of the government and renovation is being planned.

How to Reach

The fort can be reached by the local conveyance, from the Pithoragarh town.