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Pinnath (Trek), Kausani

Pinnath is located at a trekking distance of 5 kilometres from the town of Kausani at the foot of the Gopalkot Peak that overlooks the upper portion of the Kosi valley. Pinnath is situates at an elevation of 2,750 metres above the sea level. The ideal time for visiting Pinnath is between the months of March to May or September to October.

Pinnath is a trekking destination from Kausani which is famous as a religious place as well as a nature’s divine. The place is known for its temple which has a small conical structure that sits at a height of 2.5 to 3 metres. The temple is dedicated to Bhairon. A fair is celebrated at the temple every year in the month of October. The temple has a square, slated structure to its north and to its south lie a door adorned with figures of Rajas on its walls. Indian arch, which has representations of the five Pandavas forms the roof of the temple. 

The trek starts from Kausani so one can reach Kausani from all the major towns of Uttarakhand, 
Day 1: One has to trek a distance of 5 kilometres uphill to reach Pinnath. The trek is easy to moderate and good for beginners. The path is full of natural beauty.
Day 2: The Bhairav temple can be visited early morning after taking a bath. One can return the same day to Kausani.

How to Reach

A trek of 5 kilometres from Kausani can take one to Pinnath.