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Pandukholi, Dwarahat

Pandukholi is a place where there are caves and is located at a distance of 27 kilometres from Dwarahat. Dwarahat is a town in the Almora District of Uttrakhand which can be reached by road transport from various towns of Uttarakhand. Pandukholi can be reached by trekking a distance of 5 kilometres and the trek starts near Dunagiri temple. One can also start the trek from Kukkuchhina from where it is at a trekking distance of 3 kilometres from the road. The caves are situated at an elevation of 8,000 feet.

The name Pandukholi literally suggests ‘Pandu’ that is pandav and ‘Kholi’ taht means shelter. The hill has more undiscovered caverns because one can hear a hollow sound like beating of a drum when the ground is thumped above. The place is famous because this hill has the cave of Mahamuni Babaji. One can get the most breathtaking views of the surrounding places from the place.

The caves got their name as Pandukholi as it is said that the Pandavas resided in this place during the first year of Agyatvas after completing their 14 years of exile.

How to Reach

One can hire a taxi from Dwarahat and then reach Dunagiri Temple or Kukkuchhina from where the trekking to Pandukholi starts.