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Pandukeshwar, Badrinath

Pandukeshwar is named after King Pandu who meditated here to get rid of sin of killing sages. Pandukeshwar is the stop where the vehicles going to Badrinath take a halt as it is a one way route from here which reaches to Badrinath. Trekkers going to Valley of Flowers have Pandukeshwar as the base camp to start the trek and this is also the nearest motorable place from where devotees trek the distance of Hemkund Sahib which is a very sacred shrine of the Sikhs.  

It is believes that this is the place where king Pandu was cursed by a sage that he can’t have any kids and if he tries so he will die and that is the reason that his wives gave birth to the Pandavas through meditation but once he got attracted to his wife Kunti and he soon died due to the curse. During the 12 years of exile, Pandavas visited Pandukeshwar and performed funeral of their father Pandu. Arjun meditated here and got blessing from Indra. It is believed that the Vasudev temple in Pandukeshwar was built by the Pandavas.

How to Reach

Pandukeshwar can be reached by buses, shared taxis or hiring a taxi from Joshimath.