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Panch Dharas and Panch Shilas, Badrinath

The five Shilas (Stones) include Garud Shila, Varah Shila, Markandeya Shila, Nar Shila and Narsingh Shila. These shilas are around Tapt Kund which is a hot water pond located very close to the Badrinath Temple. Narad Kund is located near Tapt Kund and the two Kunds are separated by the rock which is known as Narad Shila. There is a Shila named BarahShila which has the shape of a boar and is located near the Narad Kund. The Garud Shila is near the Tapt Kund. Nar Shila is believed to be the symbol of Narsimhavtar of Lord Vishnu.
The five Daras are Prahlad Dhara, Bhrigu Dhara, Indira Dhara, Urvashi Dhara and Kurma Dhara. These five streams are known as Panch Dharas of Badrinath and Indira Dhara is the most striking stream among these five. Bhrigudhara passes through a number of caves while Urvashi dhara is on the right of Rishi Ganga. Prahlad Dhara has lukewarm water while the water of Rishi Dhara is very old.

The various Shilas are named after the various people and animals.  Markandeya Shila is the stone on which the sage named Markandeya sat and meditated. Barah Shila is believed to be the symbol of Barah avatar of Lord Vishnu.

How to Reach

The Shilas are at a walking distance from the Badrinath temple while some of the Dharas or streams can be reached by shared taxis as they are well connected with motorable roads at walking distance.