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Mussoorie also known as “The Queen of Hills” is undoubtedly the absolute treat from the Nature. The city is a famous Tourist Destination of the country and is also considered as one of the best Honeymoon Destinations in India. There are some very famous schools of the country located in the city of Mussoorie like Woodstock School, Oak Grove School and many others. The route from Dehradun to Mussoorie is one of routes with the largest number of turns and twists in the hilly roads.

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Famous For

The hill station Mussoorie is famous for its waterfalls like Bhatta falls and Kempy falls. The city is also a major holiday destinations which is the reason why some of the best chains of hotels in the country have their hotel in this city. Another thing Mussoorie is famous for is the view of the doon valley from the city. Ruskin Bond is a famous writer who has his house in the city and is very famous among the people. The Mall road is famous among tourists for shopping and many other attractions like library, aquarium, hotels and many other attractions. The Landour market is famous for its leather work, specially leather shoes and boots.

Mussoorie is a famous hill station in the Northern state of Uttarakhand. The city has temperate climate throughout the summer season while the winters are cold and also the snowfall attracts a crowd from not only neighbouring cities and states but also from faraway lands. The city is coverd in the suburb of clouds in the monsoon season. The city when seen from Dehradun seems like a fairy land hidden behind the clouds. The Mall road is the most famous road of the city preserving the architecture of the British times like the church, library and hotels showcasing the examples. 
The town of Landour which has tall trees and the shades including the cantonment area is what makes the city complete along with Jharipani and Barlowganj which are the areas known as “Greater Mussoorie” as Landour is the part of the highest point of the city. The city offers various sites for entertainment including lakes for boating, waterfalls, hills with ropeway to reach there, gardens and a lot more to offer. The town was once called as “Fairyland” by the tourists because of the heights and the clouds that seem to be too close. The city gives a mesmerising view of Dehradun from major parts and the view points. There are foreign writers like Ruskin Bond who were so much in love with the natural beauty of the city that they still live here. The city has a significant segment of its economy dependent on the Tourism Industry.

Mussoorie Temperature

Type: Haze

Description : Haze

Temp : 29 ℃

Temp Max : 29 ℃

Temp Min : 29 ℃

Humidity : 35 %

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Mussoorie is a hotspot for tourists of all ages. The city offers many entertainment options. Tourists love the Mall road in the city where one can do a lot of shopping, go to gun hill by the cable car, visit the most famous eateries in the famous road or go to the aquarium which is one of the oldest aquarium in the state. There are many lakes nearby Mussoorie which offer boating facilities. Tourists can also visit the various waterfalls nearby or trek to different destinations from here. A bicycle ride in the hilly roads is an adventure in itself.

Mussoorie is famous for many delights including many British delicacies. The char dukan near Landour is famous for its pancakes and waffles. From Chinese to continental, all cuisines are famous here. Some of the most famous restaurants and food outlets are:
Landour Bake House: this famous bakery is one of the most famous in Mussoorie. All the western food items including cakes, waffles, croissants and many other food items are served the best in this shop. Tourists from far away visit here and take cookies and cakes home from here. This is a one not to be missed place for bakery items lovers in Mussoorie.
Lovely Omelette: This is the best shop located in the Mall road of Mussoorie that serves omelette in Mussoorie. The man here makes one omelette at a time and still here you will find a crowd of people almost all the time where people are ready to wait for their turn but not miss this mouth watering omelette.
Chic Chocolates: This is the most famous shop for handmade chocolates and most delicious pastries in Mussoorie. For those who have a sweet tooth can visit this outlet in Mall road and feed themselves with the sweet delicacies of the eatery.
Kalsang: This is one of the best Chinese food restaurants in Mussoorie. They offer the best dim sums in the city with a variety like nowhere. They serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food and the ambience is also good with a Chinese touch in all the decorations.
There are many other famous food options in the city and due to commercialisation and the increasing competition the best can be found here.

Some of the best hotels, resorts and guest houses of Mussoorie are:
JW Marriot Mussoorie Walnet Grove Resort and spa: Dive into the luxuries in the lap of nature as this resort has a lot to offer to the tourists other than just a stay. The modern amenities with breathtaking view are a combination much loved by the tourists visiting here.
Rokeby Manor: This is another luxury in the Queen of Hills which promotes the Victorian Style and intricate wooden interiors. The privacy with much sophistication makes this one of the best places to stay in the lap of nature.
Country Inn: This is one of the pocket friendly resorts offering all the modern facilities with a cozy stay in the mountains. The perfect retreat at a place that commands extraordinary hideouts and boasts a grand stay in economical rates is one perfect definition of this place.
There are a lot more places like Club Mahindra, Fortune Resort Grace, Classic Fall Resort, Dancing Leaves and a many other affordable as well as many luxury resorts.

It was in 1832 when The Queen of Hills or Mussoorie turned to be a preferred location for travellers and tourists and even the government offices had proposals to be shifted to this beautiful location. A lot of progress was seen after that and due to the natural beauty with all the facilities the place turned to be a place of entertainment and relaxation for the Britishers. The East India Company had taken up the responsibility for the development of the city just for their private retreat as only the English officers were allowed to use the best of facilities of the city.
After the British rule, the city emerged out as an independent city with all the modern amenities and even the Duke and Duchess of Connaught decided to reside in this place with natural beauty. After the visit of Dalai Lama, many Tibetans moved to Mussoorie. After the independence the existing facilities helped the growth of the city so well that there are today more than hundreds of hotels running here and commercialisation has taken up all the fields up to the mark.

The most festival celebrated in this hill station is the Autumn Festival where the entire hill station dazzles by great pomp and show and this goes for about 10 days which attracts a large number of tourists to the place. The festival showcases events like roller skating, fireworks, theatre, sports events and a lot more. There is also the summer festival where locals and tourists show their talent in dance performances, cultural parades, magic shows, debates and a lot more. The Bhadraj fair is a cultural gathering on the eve of Shravan Sankanti. The festival attracts a large number of devotees who visit the place during the occasion.

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