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Mukhba Village, Harsil

Mukhba village is situated at a height of 2620 metres above the sea level. The village is located at a distance of 7 kilometres from Harsil and a trekking distance of 1 kilometre from Dharali village.

Mukhba village is a popular as it is the village where the Deity of Goddess Ganga is brought and worshiped during the winters due to heavy snowfall in Gangotri Dham which makes the place inaccessible during winters. The Deity is brought with great pomp every year in the Diwali with a procession of devotees and Army band of Garhwal Rifles.

Apart from religious perspective, Mukhba is a scenic village where there are not many places of interests to see but the breathtaking views of the Himalayan mountains including Hindyani, Sumeru, Jaoni and many others makes the place an attraction in itself. Mukhba village is also famous for activities like trekking and nature walks along with religious importance it holds.  

How to Reach

After reaching Harsil one can reach Dharali village by shared jeep or bus and from Dharali village a trek of 1 kilometre will take you to Mukhba Village.