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Mata Murti Temple, Badrinath

Mata Murti temple is dedicated to the Mata Murti who is the mother of Nar Narayan (Lord Badrinath). Many devotees visit the Temple during their Yatra. There is a belief that the Goddess has the power of granting Vairagya to those who meditate here sincerely. The Temple is visited frequently on Shukla Asthami and Chaturdashi. There is also a big fair organised in the month of September when the Sri Badrinath and the goddess are worshipped with great devotion. 

According to the mythology, Mata Murti prayed Lord Vishnu to take his next incarnation (avatar) in the form of her son and Lord Vishnu agreed and came out in this world as twins, Nar and Narayan to kill a demon.

How to Reach

One can reach Mana Village which is at a distance of 3 kilometres by a shared taxi and walk the distance to Mata Murti temple.