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Mansa Devi Temple, Haridwar

The term Mansa means wish and hence Mansa Devi Temple is a place which is believed to be a sacred place where one’s wishes are granted. The temple is also known as Billav Temple. Devotees tie threads to the branches of a huge tree in the temple for their wishes to be granted and once the wish is granted, people come to the place again to untie the knot. The location of the temple is in a mountain known as the Bhilwa Parvat. 
A large number of devotees and pilgrims visit the temple every year. The temple is located near the Chandi Devi Temple and it is said that both the goddesses Mansa Devi and Chandi devi are the forms of Hindu goddess Parvati. The whole city can be viewed from the ropeway as well as a great view of river Ganga can be captured.

How to Reach

You can take the public transport to reach the lower station of the Mansa Devi temple from where you can go by the chair-car to the temple.