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Mana Village, Badrinath

Mana village has a large number of attractions that drives the devotees visiting Badrinath to visit the village. The village is surrounded by the Himalayas providing a picturesque setting of the landscape. Mana is famous for the woollen clothes that are woven by the locals and many other things like caps, mufflers, pankhi and other goods which are made of sheep wool. There are many places to see in Mana Village like Bheem Pul, Vyas Gufa, Mata Murti temple, Ganesh Gufa and many other places. 

Mana is also the perfect place for trekking as one can trek to Vasudhara Falls, Satopanth Lake and Mana Pass from Mana. There is a tea shop named “Last Tea shop of India” which is very famous in the village. The village provides a perfect view of the Badrinath temple. One of the rarest and most famous flowers found in the Himalayas, Brahma Kamal can be seen from here.  

It is believed that the Pandavas passed through the Mana Village during their journey to heaven.

How to Reach

Mana Village can be reached by taking a shred taxi from Badrinath to the village.