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Kwani Bugyal, Auli

Located at a distance of 13 kilometres from Auli is the Kwani Bugyal which is situated at an elevation of 3380 metres above the sea level.

Kwani Bugyal is known as a Trekkers Paradise. The meadow is famous for its panoramic views and the Nandadevi Peak and Dunagiri Peak. The trek is an easy trek where one can take porters and cook along with them along with the camping equipments. The Gurso Bugyal falls on the way to Kwani Bugyal. The best time to visit Kwani Bugyal is in the months of June to September as after that the meadow is covered with snow.
It would be best to take a light woollen sweater or a shawl and the best boots for walking and sufficient food and water must be carried along.

How to Reach

One has to trek a distance of 13 kilometres from Auli to reach Kwani Bugyal.