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Kot Bhramari Temple, Kausani

The Kot Bhramari temple is located at a distance of 20 kilometres from the main town of Kausani. The temple is situated at a hill top enclosed by a fort.

Kot Bhramari Temple is also known as Kote-Ke-Mai Temple. The temple serves as the venue for organising a yearly fair on Nanda Ashtamiin the month of August. During this festival, the goddess, Bhramari is taken for the yatra in which the goddess joins the main procession at Nandkesari on the banks of river Pinder. The idol in the temple is facing north side while devotees offer prayer from the south direction of the temple.

According to the Legend, Adi Shankaracharya made a stay here on the way during his journey to the Garhwal Region.

How to Reach

You can hire a taxi from Kausani or take your own vehicle and then there is a climb to the hill to reach the temple.