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Jumping Heights, Rishikesh

Jumping Heights offers excellent adventure sports activity center around Rishikesh. The place is located at Mohanchatti, which is around 25 km from Rishikesh. Jumping heights has hired experts from Newzealand, called Jumping Masters. There are various adventure activities that are carried out at Jumping Heights:
1. Bungee Jumping
2. Giant Swing
3. Flying Fox

Jumping Heights offers individual activities for the tourists, and it also offers combo packs. There are some tour operators in the area which offer combo packs, including bungee jumping, hotel stay and river rafting/camping. It is upto the individual tourists to choose the package that suits him the most based on the time availability and ofcourse cost. The place is worth spending few hours. However, as a precaution, the tourists must take into consideration their medical condition before taking up any adventure activity. 

Jumping Heights also has age restrictions (minimum age 12 years) and weight resrictions for these adventure activities. 

They also offer art and video gallery at the place for the tourists to enjoy the pictures and videos of people who have undertaken these activities. 

How to Reach

Jumping Heights is well connected by roads from Rishikesh. The tourist operators operating in Rishikesh, offer free ride to Jumping Heights destination (that is Mohanchatti) from Rishikesh.