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Hanol-Mahasu Devta Temple, Chakrata

Hanol is located at a distance of 109 kilometres from Chakrata. Mahasu Devta Temple is the most popular temple in Hanol and Chakrata.
Hanol is a village in the banks of river Tons. The place is named after a Brahmin named Huna Bhatt and it can also be derived from the word “anol” meaning fire. The Mahasu Devta Temple in Hanol is crowded with devotees from distant places to get the blessings from God.

Mahasu Devta is regarded as the Lord of Justice. The temple was built in 9th century with a rare blend of wooden and stone architecture. A five day festival and fair is held in the temple every August which is the best venue to view the cultural heritage and traditions of local tribes.

According to the Hindu mythology during the Mahabharatha, king Duryodhana prayed mahasu Devta and the deity accepted his pleas and made him the king of the area. King Duryodhana constructed the Mahasu devta Temple after that.

How to Reach

The Temple can be reached by public transport from Chakrata.