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The city of Haldwani is also known as the “Gateway to Kumaon” as the city is situated at the immediate foothills of Kumaon Himalayas. Haldwani is the largest city of Kumaon and the city got its name from a Kumaoni word “Haldvani” meaning forest of Haldu and the city was called Haldvani earlier. The city is the major trading port between Kumaon and the other cities. 

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Famous For

The city of Haldwani is the gateway to all the major cities of Kumaon and hence a boon to Kumaon Tourism. The city is famous for food like a sweet called Bal Mithai, chukarni, dubhke and dumplings which are sold in even the roadside stalls in the city.

The city of Haldwani is a major city of the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. The city is located in the Nainital district and is one of its eight subdivisions. There are many famous markets in the city where one can find many goods that are manufactured in the city. The city being a major city of Kumaon region has many tourists and travellers visiting here for a break to their journey to the next destination or for a stay to visit the nearby places.

The city of Haldwani is one of the largest producers of food and vegetables in Northern India. The site is ideal for trekking and camping as there are the Kumaon Himalayas adjoining the city. Haldwani can be explred in duration of 2-3 days where one can visit all the major spots in and nearby the city. The natural beauty of the place is a shutterbug’s paradise. 

Haldwani Temperature

Type: Clouds

Description : Few clouds

Temp : 21 ℃

Temp Max : 21 ℃

Temp Min : 21 ℃

Humidity : 28 %

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The city is located in the hills which provide a perfect setting for nature walk, cycling and picnic in the lap of nature. The place is a good option for shopping as well as the markets are crowded with people all the time and there are many places like markets, shopping complexes and shopping mall as well in the city. 

Some of the best restaurants of Haldwani are mentioned below:
Moti Mahal Restaurant: Located at one of the most convenient locations near the bus stop, this restaurant has amazing ambience with well decorated interiors with most mouth watering delicacies including Chinese Cuisine. The best part of the restaurant is that it is comparatively cheap and pocket friendly as it comes to the tasty food and the good service they provide. 
Krazy Kitchen: This is one of the most famous restaurant serving Chinese and Thai Cuisines in the city. The restaurant is located in the heart of the city at Durga City Center. This is a good option to try some of the best food in the city.
Standard: This is one of the most famous shop where one can get a taste of the famous sweet of Haldwani which is the Bal Mithai. This is a Sweet shop and Restaurant serving some of the famous delicacies of Haldwani. One can take Bal Mithai from here for family, friends and relatives
Bawarchi Restaurant: The city of Haldwani is famous for its dumplings which are served hot and spicy at this spot of the city. One can taste some of the exceptional mouth watering Momos at this place which is a must try while a visit to the city.  
Woodpecker Restaurant: This is one of the best restaurants to try local food in Haldwani. The restaurant offers a large number of other Indian dishes as well which has some of the most delicious tastes of the city under a single roof.
There are many famous restaurants and cafes in the city of Haldwani including Standard Restaurant, Shama Restaurant, Orikao, Udupiwala Restaurant, Pots and Stones, Milestone Restaurant and there are also various famous food chains that are famous like Dominoes, Pizza Hut and Vaango.

Some of the best Hotels in the city of Haldwani are:
Blue Sapphire Clarks Inn: This 3 star Hotel is a perfect treat with an amalgamation of the facilities with an aura of the hills.  This is a very good option to stay in the city if one loves luxuries and sophisticated lifestyle.
Lemon Park: This is one of the most famous Hotels in Haldwani which offer the best comfortable stay with good services and nice ambience. This Hotel is also a good option for a cheaper yet amazing experience.
Hotel Happy Home: Just as the name suggests clean and good property in an economical rate for a stay. The rooms are big and the Hotel overall is loved by most of the tourists who stay here as the location is very good.
There are many good Hotels in Haldwani which offer the best of services and many of them have been serving the tourists for more than 10 years. Some of the other popular hotels are Hotel Castle Inn, Comfort Inn, Hotel President, Hotel Raj Palace, Hotel Sheetal, Hotel Utsav Palace, Hotel Fiesta, Hotel Silver Palace and a lot more.

Haldwani was established in 1834 by an English gentleman. The city came under British rule in 1856 and was under Sir Henry Ramsay who laid the railway track from Barailey to Kathgodam. He was the one who laid the road from Nainital to Kathgodam. In 1901 Haldwani became the headquarters of the Bahrbar region of Nainital District. In 1904 it became a notified area and got the status of a town. In the year 1942 the Municipal Corporation of Haldwani was formed which is the third largest in the state of Uttarakhand. 

All the major festivals celebrated in India are celebrated with enthusiasm in Haldwani. Diwali, Eid, Guruparb and Christmas, all are celebrated with equal pomp which shows the vast culture the town possesses. The Uttarayan fair is one of the most important festivals of Haldwani and it is popularly known as Makar Sankranti. 

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