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Governor’s House, Nainital

Governor’s House was built by Britishers in a 220 acres land. The house was the summer residence of the Governor of North East Province. It is in a beautiful location and is considered to be a replica of the Buckingham Palace. The building is double storied with 113 rooms inside. There are a lot of other luxuries at the House which include Swimming Pool, Marvellous Garden and the Golf Course.
The place is like a part of Britain brought to India with the infrastructure built in Victorian Gothic style. There is a lush green area of trees like Oak and Deodar that makes the place more attractive. This place is a delight for photographers and a must visit for tourists visiting Nainital. The golf course in the premises of the house is a 50 acre golf area.

The foundation of Governor House Nainital was laid in the year 1897 and the construction was completed by March 1990. The house was used for British VIPs and guests to stay at the time of British rule. It is said that the tunnel in the Governor house served as a hideout for the Robinhood of India, Sultana Daku. The design of the house was prepared by Mr. F.O. Oertel who was the Executive Engineer and Mr H.S. Wildeblood who supervised the construction and gave many details. 

How to Reach

Governor’s house can be reached by taking a Rikshaw.