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Gomukh, Gangotri

This is the place where river Ganga which is known by the name Bhagirathi in Gangotri, originates. There is a snout from where the river is seen to be coming out and it is said that it comes right from the Himalayas. The Gomukh (mouth of a cow) trek is one of the most famous spiritual treks in Uttarakhand which attracts a large number of tourists every year. The first and foremost thing for this trek is that you need permission from the District Forest Officer. The trails of Tapovan and Nandavan start from Gomukh.
At a distance of 9 km from Gangotri is Chirbasa and as the routes were heavily damaged by the landslides, the road access was cut for the place. One can reach a place called Bhujbasa where there are arrangements to stay in two ashrams. From here the journey to Gomukh is about 4.5 kilometres. It is suggested that all the essentials of trekking must be taken for this trek and people with problems in the leg should avoid going here.

Legend says that searching for a lost sheep a shepherd boy reached Gomukh the snout of what exactly looked like the mouth of a cow and thus it got the name Gomukh. As Ganga and cow are both considered to be very sacred for the Hindus, from then many saints and holy travellers went to worship at Gomukh. 

How to Reach

A trek of about 18 kms from Gangotri takes one to Gomukh. There are no horses allowed on the way to Gomukh so one has to anyhow trek the distance.