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George Everest Peak, Mussoorie

George Everest peak is one of the best tourist spots nearby Mussoorie. The place is visited by a large number of tourists including nature lovers and adventure junkies. George Everest is after what the highest peak in the world, Mount Everest is named. The George Everest house is the main attraction which comes on the way to the peak. 
Tourists can visit the place to enjoy the natural beauty as well as if interested they can stay back at the place for camping and spending a night under the stars. Tourists visit here majorly for adventure and this is one of the prominent places visited by tourists when there is snowfall in Mussoorie.

Sir George Everest lived in Musoorie for 11 years and he and his family’s name has become immortal in the books of History. He was the Surveyor General of the East Indi Company in the year 1832 and then he purchased a house on the top of Hathipaon Hills at a stunning height of 7809 feet above the sea level. In 1839 he converted his house into a laboratory, His residence brought a lot of political attention to the hill station of Mussoorie and he has been one of the most prominent Englishman to live in the city since them after whom the peak near to his house was named as the George Everest Peak. 

How to Reach

George Everest peak can be reached by booking a taxi from Mussoorie which will drop you to the peak as there is hardly any public bus or other vehicle that goes there.