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Gangotri Temple, Gangotri

The Gangotri Temple is the main attraction of Gangotri which is dedicated to river Ganga which is a symbol of purity for Hindus. The Temple is one of the most famous Char Dham of Uttrakhand which are considered to be the most sacred places to worship in Uttarakhand. The temple opens on the auspicious day of Akshay Tritiya which falls in the month of May and is closed for next six months in the occasion of Yama Dwitiya or Bhai Duj which falls in the month of November..
There are many shops near the temple from where one can buy the Prasad (offerings) to be taken in the temple as well as one can buy the cans of water of river Ganga which is used for many religious purposes at the homes of Hindus. There are many temples near the main temple from where the importance of the sacred Hindu river Ganga can be learned. Devotees visit the temple is huge crowds every year.

The shrine is about 300 years old and it was constructed in the early 18th century by a Gorkha Commander Amar Singh Thapa. It was later renovated by Jaipur king in the 19th century.

How to Reach

The Temple can be reached  by walk from the Bus Stop.