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Forest Reasearch Institute, Dehradun

Forest Research Institute is one of the best architecture blocks of Dehradun which has more than a dozen movies which were shot in the location. The place has been attracting people of various kinds, be it photographers, researchers, children or nature lovers. The way to the museum is a boulevard of trees taking to the lush green grass in the front area of the building covering a large area of the land. The place is located near the Indian Military Academy which is another attraction of the city but is a restricted area for localities and tourists. FRI also has a small canteen where the visitors can have some snacks. 

The Forest Research institute of Dehradun is known to be one of its kinds in the entire sub-continent. The institute’s history is virtually synonymous with the evolution and development of scientific forestry. The building of the Institute was built about 88 years ago and this shows the historical significance of the architectural wonder this place holds. The museum in the building is set in a 5-km area and has beautiful Mughal towers, perfect arches and Roman columns. The place was visited by one of the most famous personality of Britain, Prince Charles in the year 2013.

How to Reach

This place can be easily reached by taking a public transport going to Premnagar including Buses or  Shared Autos (Vikram) from the Clock Tower as the place is located between the two routes.