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Eco Park, Dhanaulti

Eco park is a well maintained park in Dhamaulti and a must visit place for nature lovers. The park is full of tall trees. Park is located at around 30km from Mussoorie and 6 km from famous Surkunda Devi Temple. The eco park is located on the road that connects Mussoorie to Chamba.

The visitors can spend an hour at this park. If lucky with the weather, and clear skies, visitors can see the view of himalayas from the park. There are two eco parks in the area with the names Ambar park and Dhara park, both just 10 minutes walk apart. 

Ambar park is more activity based, as it offers see saws, swings for the children. There is also a small trail walk along the jungles. Activities like flying fox and rope climbing are chargable at the park. The trek through the jungle takes the visitors to Potato farms (takes around 20 minutes of walking). 

There are a couple of hotels and restaurants nearby for the tourists to enjoy food.

How to Reach

Eco Park can be reached either from Mussoorie or DehraDun. Taxis are available from both the places. It is located on the road that connects Mussoorie with Chamba.