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Eco Cave Garden, Nainital

As the name suggests the place has a number of natural caves which are connected to each other. The cave names are the names of different animals like Tiger cave, Squirrel cave, Panther cave, Bats cave, Apes cave and others. The caves are lighted by petroleum lamps. There is the hanging garden in the place which makes it more interesting.
There is a musical fountain at the place which is a very good source of entertainment but the musical show is not scheduled on a regular basis and only in the months of May and June. There are a total of seven caves from which one can go crawling one to the other to reach the final cave. It is suggested to wear good footwear as one can slip in the caves if the footwear is not good. One needs to be very careful while passing the caves.        

How to Reach

The caves are at a distance of about 1 kilometre from the Mall Road of Nainital. One can book an auto or a cab or even walk the distance.