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Dunagiri Temple, Dwarahat

Dunagiri temple is located at a distance of 14 kilometres from Dwarahat at an altitude of about 7,900 feet. Dwarahat is a town in the Almora District of Uttrakhand which can be reached by road transport from various towns of Uttarakhand. One has to climb about 500 steps on the stairs to reach the temple from road.

Dunagiri Temple is one of the major attractions specially for devotees visiting the town of Dwarahat. The temple is popularly known as Mangalikhan among the locals living nearby. Hindu goddess Durga is praised in the form of Vaishnavi in this temple. One of the major attractions of the temple is the “Akhand Jyoti” which is the all time burning diya at the temple. The offerings to be taken to the temple can be brought from the shops outside the temple. The temple attracts large number of pilgrims during the months of Chait and Ashwin Months of Navratras. The old interiors of the temple give it an ancient look.  

It is believed that when Hanumanji was carrying the mountain with “Sanjiwani Buti” for Laxman, a piece of it fell here and since then the place is known as Dunagiri as the word giri means fell. 

How to Reach

One can hire a taxi from Dwarahat and then climb the steps to reach the Dunagiri Temple.