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Deoban and Vyas Shikhar, Chakrata

Situated at an elevation of 2200 metres to 3025 metres above the sea level, Deoban is located at a distance of 11.9 kilometres from Chakrata town. It is also known as Devban and the meaning of this name is “Gods own forest”.

Deoban is a peaceful sight located on the lap of nature and is famous for its flora and fauna. There are a number of birds like Himalayan woodpeckers, white collared blackbirds and green backed tit which makes Deoban a delight for bird watchers and wildlife photographers. Migratory birds can also be seen at the place during winters.
The forest also consists of Rhododendron, Oak and Deodar trees with a variety of flora. There is a heavy rainfall in the area during winters and hence the route is not open during that time so it is best visited in summers. There is also a PWD Guest House on the top of the hill.

Vyas Shikhar is the highest point in Deoban which can be reached by a 15 minute walk through the dense forest in Deoban. This is the place from where a series of Himalayan Ranges can be viewed. The view from the top is a mesmerising sight for all nature lovers. It is suggested that one carries one’s own Binoculars for a better view of the Mountain Ranges. 

It is believed that Vyas Shikhar is the place where Sage Vyas wrote the Hindu epic ‘Mahabharata’ and this is the resaon the place is famous after his name.

How to Reach

A local jeep can take you to Deoban or it one has private vehicle then one can reach the place in one’s vehicle.