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Crystal World Amusement Park, Haridwar

Crystal World is considered as the best amusement and water park of Uttarakhand with more than 40 rides and water slides are categorized into slides for children and adults for the best safety. There are also family rides like 5D ride, sky train, mini twister, boating, mini twister, parachute tower and a lot more. Aqua Dive is another amazing ride which gives you a refreshing and adventurous experience with a splash of water on you as the ride goes from water.
The park has also a big restaurant inside and the park is a complete entertainment park for a group of friends, family or couples visiting the park. There is water dance, pools, water play zone and lot of places to enjoy in the water. The best time to visit the park is in the summers and the park is usually crowded at that time while in winters there are less people visiting the park. 

How to Reach

You can take the bus going from the route or book a cab to reach the park.