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Chali Ka Jaali, Mukteshwar

It is also called Chauthi Jaali. Chauthi Jaali is a beautiful scenic spot, very close to Mukteshwar Temple. It is believed that the women who are unable to bear a child, touch the rock at Chauthi Jaali and get blessed.

It is recommended that the tourists visiting this place should hire a local guide for a visit to this place. In order to reach here, the tourists have to walk through the forest. The Chauthi Jaali offers magnificient views for photographers standing at the edge of the mountains. Tourists should be careful as there is no protection and there is always a danger of fall down from the cliff. It is believed that at this place demons and Goddess fought a battle. 

How to Reach

Chauthi Jaali or Chali Ka Jaali is at a trekkable distance from Mukteshwar temple.