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Things To Do in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand previously known as Uttaranchal holds the title of Devbhoomi. A paradise created by Gods themselves, it is aptly termed as Devbhoomi or the abode of Gods. Uttarakhand lies in the northern part of India. The high range of Himalayas, holy rivers and dense forests attracts tourists from all over the world. The amazing part of Uttarakhand tourism is that it has something for everyone. The snow covered mountains and dense forests are a delight for adventure lovers while sacred pilgrims here will sooth the religious and spiritual souls. Uttarakhand tourism offers Adventure tourism and Pilgrimage Tourism as well as Educational tourism. That is why we at OUR UTTARAKHAND have tackled the ‘what places to visit in Uttarakhand’ question for all the people planning to visit Uttarakhand. After days and nights of research, we have categorised the tourist places in Uttarakhand. From Garhwal tourism to Kumaon tourism, we have gathered it all in one place. If you are someone planning to visit Uttarakhand for religious tourism, OUR UTTARAKHAND has each and every sacred religious place tracked for you. Are you a newly married couple or going to be married soon? Then visit our honeymoon destination places page to choose from the best. The adventurous freaks too can get choose what excites them from the adventure activities that the untamed rivers and gigantic mountain of Uttarakhand offer. Our Uttarakhand provides the information on the best sightseeing tourist places in Uttarakhand that are sure as hell going to satisfy the wanderlust of Vagabonds. Scroll down to view the best places to visit in Uttarakhand and what things to do there. !