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Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary, Almora

The Sanctuary is spread over an area of about 45.59 square kilometres and is situated at a varying altitude of 900 to 2500 metres. The entry fees of the place is to sanctuary is paid. The Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary is situated on the top of Jhandi  Dhar hills.

Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary has a museum of the flora and fauna of the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. The Sanctuary has impressive variety of flora ranging from 24 types of bushes, 7 variety of grasses and 25 types of trees. The varieties include trees like Oak and Rhododendron and many others. The Sanctuary is also a home to many butterflies and reptiles. The place is an ideal destination for wildlife lovers, nature lovers and photographers.

The place has a large number of animals including black bear, gray langur, Indian muntjac, leopard, Himalayan goral, wild boar, chital, musk deer and many other animals. There are over 200 species of birds which include eagles, woodpeckers, parakeets, magpies, khalij pheasant, forktails, nuthatches, blackbirds, Eurasian jays and many others. Overall this is a must visit place for peace lovers and who also like to be close to the nature. 

Binsar was the summer capital of the Chand Kings who ruled over Kumaonfrom the 11th to 18th century A.D. Binsar Sanctuary was established in 1988 for the conservation and protection of the flora and fauna of the Himalayan region. 

How to Reach

Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary can be reached by hiring a taxi from Almora town.