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Bhatta Falls, Mussoorie

The waterfall is assessible by road, but there is a steep slope to reach the waterfall. The tourists can opt to trek as well to the waterfalls and the slope is quite steep. There is no entry fees or even parking charges. There are some shops for the tourists to enjoy Maggie and tea there. Tourists can take a dip in the chilled water at Bhatta Falls and then have Maggie and hot tea. It is recommeded to go there in groups as the place is not commercialized and at times there could be no crowd at all. There is natural beauty in abundance at this fall and hence a must visit place for nature loving tourists.

The tourists going from DehraDun to Mussoorie, by road, must take a few halts on the way. Popular Maggie poing and Bhatta falls are few of them. 

How to Reach

Tourists can hire a taxi from either Mussoorie to visit Bhatta Falls or they can also opt to take a halt at Bhatta Falls on the way from DehraDun to Mussoorie.