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Bhalu Dam, Ranikhet

Bhalu dam is an artificial lake in the preserved forest area located at a distance of 11 kilometres from Ranikhet and 3 kilometres from Chaubatia Garden. The visiting hours for the place are from 7 am in the morning to 7 pm in the evening.

Bhalu Dam is a scenic place which offers mesmerising views of the Himalayan Peaks. The place is an ideal place for camping and picnicking. One has to trek a distance of 3 kilometres to reach the reservoir. The lake is open for tourists all the year round and the water in the lake is typically low or negligible except during the monsoon season. There is a small but beautiful garden nearby the dam. The chirping of the birds, refreshing cool breeze and breathtaking greenery of the place will leave you spell-bound by the place. 

Bhalu dam is a semicircular masonary dam which was constructed in 1903 by a British viceroy as a source of drinking water for soldiers. There is a small 70 m long 6.6 m wide and 9 m deep reservoir.

How to Reach

You can hire a taxi from Ranikhet to visit Bhalu Dam.