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Bhairav Nath Temple, Kedarnath

Bhairavnath is a Hindu god is a form of Lord Shiva who has a deep black color body in aterribly fearful form. Lord Bhairavnath is considered as the guardian of Kedarnath Temple. Bhairavnath is known as Kshetrapal which means “The Protector of Area”. This temple is very important for the devotees visiting the Kedarnath Temple and devotees visit Bhairavnath Temple as per the ritual when they come to Kedarnath Temple. the weapon of Lord Bhairavnath is Trishul and the vahan is Dog. The temple provides a breathtaking view of the Himalayas.

 According to the legends, Lord Bhairavnath protects the whole Kedar Valley along with the Kedarnath Temple even when the temple is closed in the winters.  Near the temple is a cliff called Bhairav Jhamp and devotees leaped off the cliff believing that it would bring them Mukti. This practice was banned in the Nineteenth century by the Britishers.     

How to Reach

The temple is at a trekking distance of about 1 kilometre from the Kedarnath Temple and has no motorable road.