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Badrinath Temple, Dwarahat

Badrinath temple is located in the town of Dwarahat. This is a group of temples which is located in the main town. Dwarahat is a town in the Almora District of Uttrakhand which can be reached by road transport from various towns of Uttarakhand. The Badrinath group of temples consist of 3 temples with black stone idol of Lord Vishnu in the main temple.

Badrinath temple is an example of the Gahadavala style of architecture which was prevalent in the regions of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. The temples are small but are constructed intricately and are the major group of temples in the town of Dwarahat. The temple is one of the first examples of developed temple architecture in the central Himalayas. 

Badrinath Temple dates back to the Katyuri dynasty around 10th and 12th century. The temple is believed to be constructed in Sikhara style in 1085 AD as it is evident from the inscription ‘Samvat 1105’. According to the legends, it is believed that in the Hindu epic Mahabharath Pandavas spent some time in this region during their exile.

How to Reach

The Badrinath temple can be reached by walking or a local vehicle in Dwarahat.