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Asan Barrage, DehraDun

Asan Barrage is a place famous as one of the best sights in Dehradun for bird watching. At the time of season one can spot a large number of migratory birds like the Siberian Crane and a lot more at the location. The place also famous as a water sports destination where tourists come for adventures like boating, kayaking, canoeing and rowing. The place is best to be visited in summers. Tourists can also get permission and enjoy picnic in the park owned by the Forest Department which is nearby. The park has lush greenery all around with a park for children and some ducks and other animals also which live here.

How to Reach

One can book a cab or a taxi to the place but if searching for economical alternatives, a bus which is going to Poanta Sahib can take you to this place but if you are planning to visit Dak Patthar which is a nearby destination, booking a taxi would be the best convenint option.