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Anasakti Ashram, Kausani

Anasakti Ashram is located in the main Kausani town at a distance of about 1 kilometre from the Kausani Bus Stop. One can also stay in the ashram at a very reasonable rate. The entry to this ashram is free of cost.

Anasakti Ashram is a famous ashram in Kausani which is dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi. The ashram is also known as Gandhi Ashram and this place was described by Gandhiji himself as the Switzerland of India after falling in love with the majestic beauty of the place. The place is known a s Anasakti Ashram as this is the place where he performed the Anasakti Yoga and wrote his treatise Anasakti (detachment) Yoga. The ashram is well stocked with books and photographs of Mahatma Gandhi’s life including of his stay in the ashram. There is a small prayer room in the ashram where prayers are held every morning and evening.

The ashram is now merged with study and research center. There is accommodation facility for visitors in the ashram with about 24 rooms. There is a naturally beloved and socio-cultural landscape and a place with a healthier environment providing inner peace and good vibes which makes the place more popular.

How to Reach

One can walk up to the ashram easily after reaching the Kausani town.