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Alka Puri, Badrinath

Alka Puri is a heaven in the mountains. The place is also known as “The City of Gods”. The place is calm and full of greenery and this enormous Glacier spreads in two valleys that leads to Satopanth and Gaumukh. The place gives amazing views of the neighbouring peaks including the Nilkantha Peak on the Right and Chaukhamba Peak on the left. There are mud houses along with some Hotels for the tourists to stay at Alka Puri. This place is a breathtaking sight for the tourists to visit and immerse in the tranquillity of nature at its best in the glorious snow peaks, the glacier and the mountains. The Alaknanda which is born of the Alka Puri Glacier, after touching the feet of BadriVishal, flows to Devprayag where it merges with Bhagirathi River to form the fabled Ganga. The best time to visit Alka Puri is in the months of May to November. 

It is believed that Alka Puri is the home of God of wealth Kubera and tutelary gods of forests and villages known as the Yaksha. The place is also believed to the residence of Gandharvas which are the male spirits or the husbands of the Apsaras. It is said in the Skanda Purana that the Ganga, on descending from the coils of Lord Shiva’s hair was caught on Sumeru Parvat or Narain Parvat (Sumeru Mountain) and flowed out in seven streams-two of which are Bhagirathi and Alaknanda.

How to Reach

One has to trek the distance of 15 kilometres from Badrinath to reach Alka Puri.