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Abbott Mount Church, Abbott Mount

The Abbott Mount Church is perched at a height of 6,400 feet above the water mark and is located in the hill station Abbott Mount. Abbott Mount can be reached by road from the public vehicles coming from Lohaghat which is situated at a distance of 7.3 kilometres from the place. The entry to the church is free and the Church is the major tourist attraction in Abbott Mount.

Abbott Mount Church is a colonial Church in the hill station Abbott Mount. The church remains closed for the tourists and prayers are held in the church only once or twice in a year but the location is worth a visit for the amazing view of the surrounding beauty. The church is an emblem of the colonial style architecture and there are also the 13 cottages which were built during the pre-independence period which are named after John Abbott who is the person who discovered the place.

Abbott Mount Church is an old rustic church which was built in the year 1942.

How to Reach

One can walk the distance to reach Abbott Mount Church.