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Abbott Mount is a Hamlet which lies on the eastern side of Kumaon at an altitude of 7,000 feet in the Chamawat district of Uttarakand. The place is a noble venture of the Englishmen. The hill station has thirteen cottages spread over its private hill. A stay for a day or two at this place is the best to rejuvenate your senses and have a calm and tranquil weekend.

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Famous For

Abbot mount is famous for the Abbott Mount Church and the thirteen cottages located at the place. The hill station is also known for the spectacular views it provides and the lush greenery which is a major attraction for people as well as wildlife including various beautiful Himalayan birds.

Abbott Mount is the perfect place to get a panoramic view of the peaks like Gangotri Cliff and Dhaulagiri Range. The hill station has spectacular trails and walkaways that make the place ideal for a nature lover. The serenity comprising of deodar and pine forest is a haven for exotic Himalayan birds whose chirping creates a melodious environ. The location is perfect for wildlife lovers as well as here is rich varied Himalayan wildlife.

Abbott Mount is also the perfect destination for the people who have an inclination for mysterious places as Abbott Mount is known as one of India’s most Haunted place. It is believed that in one of the bungalows in the place a doctor named Morrison used to perform some dreadful experiments on the locals in 1920’s. According to the locals, the spirits of those patients haunts in “Mukti Kothri” which is one of the rooms of the old bungalow.

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One of the major activities that can be done at the place is Bird Watching. It is suggested that one must carry one’s own binoculars and watch the beautiful birds of the Himalayan range. the place is also ideal for doing yoga and meditation as there is perfect calm and peace. Nature walks and trekking on the trials are also some other good activities that can be done at the place.

As Abbott Mount is a small hill station the only options to eat at the place comprise of the Hotels where the tourists are staying. So one can enjoy the beautiful scenery in their own hotel rooms while sipping the tea or coffee. There are some small dhabas and eating points for tourists to enjoy.

There are two major places in Abbott Mount for the tourists to stay at the beautiful hill station. The places to stay are Cedar valley Hotel and Abbott Mount Cottage. Other than these places there are also guest houses and 13 secluded cottages where one can make a stay and enjoy in the old cottages with all the modern facilities.

Abbott Mount was founded by an English businessman named John Harold Abbott in 20th century. It is said that he who wanted to make an European settlement brought the Raikot tea estate from Revand had sprawled over 1,000 acres of land.

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